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Financial Solutions Planning and Investments


Phil Messuri, MS, CFP®
phone: 505-798-6941

Travis Flandermeyer, MBA, AIF® 
phone: 505-717-1111


Fiduciary Services

Tailored Investment Management

·     Strategic allocations that are tax efficient and fee sensitive

·     Built of approximately 14 positions and customizable

·     Can include individual equities and bonds as desired by the client

·     Rebalancing as dictated by pre-defined thresholds

·     Tax loss harvesting for taxable accounts

Third Party Management

·     Use of a major asset management firm, which creates customized portfolios employing their investment research and philosophy

·     Can include additional support such as private banking, lending & legal counsel

·     May include management of concentrated positions

·      Tactical asset class management

Business Solutions

·       Retirement plans to address pre-tax savings

·       Unique needs

·       Ongoing or one-time engagements

·       Addressing tax, business and estate issues

·       Buy/Sell funding

Fee Only Consulting

·       Retirement Plans

·        Tax Deferred Strategy Review

·       Other financial planning solutions as needed

·        Stock option and concentrated position management