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Financial Solutions Planning and Investments


Phil Messuri, MS, CFP®
phone: 505-798-6941

Travis Flandermeyer, MBA, AIF® 
phone: 505-717-1111



The “solution” for one puzzle piece often impacts other pieces. Developing financial solutions requires our advisors to have a good grasp of the following six elements: Investments; taxation; estate planning; insurance; retirement planning; and, business ownership. Our formal education, training and years of experience enable us to offer solutions and alternatives that help our clients meet their goals and objectives.


Active and passive investment strategies are offered

Retirement Needs

A sustainable withdrawal rate can provide financial confidence. Withdrawal planning impacts taxes.


Roth conversions may impact your legacy plan

Actions on one puzzle piece often impact other pieces

We help you create, implement and keep your plan current

Legacy Planning

Planning is essential so that state intestate laws are not applicable: Death of a spouse, second marriages, and special needs children represent some of the reasons for estate planning


Life and disabiliy insurance has a direct impact on hyour legacy planning.

Business Ownership

Buy-sell planning is important for business continuity. Fair versus equitable internal family planning is often difficult.