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Our team personifies the axiom: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. While each team member contributes unique knowledge, experience and skills, we take pride in our collaborative impact, resulting in creative, individual financial solutions for our clients.

Our knowledge base runs deep. The majority of our team members have masters degrees or Certified Financial Planner (CFP) status, which makes us well qualified to partner with you to help pursue your financial goals.

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Safeguards Associated with Your Assets

  1. All our advisors have clean records
    — Check broker name, under “Broker Check” at
  2. Most accounts have a defined Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
    — Our firm is required to stay within specific allocation parameters
  3. Pershing LLC (a Bank of New York Mellon subsidiary) is the custodian for most accounts
    — Each account has SIPC Insurance
  4. Clients have complimentary access to view: Account holdings; all activity; and performance, via web access.

*Our firm has the additional advantage of expert resources through Purshe, Kaplan, Sterling Investments, which provides additional tools for financial solutions, support services, investment protection and technology resources.

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