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Robert  L. Quinlan, MBA

Robert  L. Quinlan, MBA

Financial Advisor

Inspired by my great aunt, I recall from a young age counting all the change we had saved in cigar boxes. Together we would roll the coins into paper bundles, and then venture out to the bank to make a deposit. She taught me how to credit the entry into a checkbook registry and sparked my interest in planning and saving. Both of my grandmothers also planted a seed for financial investment and responsibility, as I witnessed their interest in the markets, whether it be monitoring oil and gas during the energy crisis in the 1970s, contemplating the value of penny stocks, or whatever the “next thing” may be.

In addition to my grandparents, my parents also stressed financial independence and preparedness. I believe these familial influences impacted my early interest in economics, politics and all things within the financial arena. They taught me the value of saving for a “rainy day.” Although I worked as an engineer in the semiconductor sector for a time, it is no surprise that I eventually chose to pursue an MBA in finance. 

I love being part of the team, having worked for FSPI since 2018, and am grateful for the opportunity to help his clients pursue brighter financial future.

I love the fast paced, ever-changing climate of this field, and have great respect for the FSPI leadership and all members of our team. I subscribe to the philosophy that “there is no “I” in team” and recognizes that thru collaboration and shared experience among my peers conveys tremendous value for our clients.

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring the great outdoors. I am an avid alpine and backcountry skier, enjoys road and mountain biking, camping, and spending time with my wife Nicole, and sons Jordan and Connor.


I can be reached at (505) 588-2014 or by email at:´╗┐